inprove the way one can "walk" from place to place in a 360 virtual tour

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  • CasaConect

    Edited 2 years ago

    Hello every body. I am new to 360 virtual tours world. It is nice the way we go from on point to an other in a presentation, but i find it a litle too frustating the efort to click on the round circles to go from point to point. It makes me feel i am not free, even in a large and open space of the tour. And i feel like i am in a tunel, and have to go specific, fix, ways, no matter how large the rooms is. There is now feeling of freedom, you a prisoner in a large beautiful space of the virtual toor. And if you use too many connection points to give user freedom, it looks agly, it breaks the beauty of the place and the beauty of the virtual tour. So i want to have maaannnyy connections points to "walk" from place to place, but i do not want to see them, i want them invisible (or at least, me to choose their transparency). And when the user clicks in a specific place, the softare takes the user in that (aproximative) direction, just one step further from his curent position. The software knows where the user is now, the user clicks in a directions, and the software calculates the closest point in that direction (or a radius in that direction -radius that i want to specify in the editing of the tour-) from the curent positions and moves the user in that new position. If a connection point is not avaible in that direction (or radius of direction) the user goes nowhere, just keeps his curent position or there is a zoom. So, for example, in a room, i take many photos, say every few meters in all directions, like a chess board, and during the editing of the virtual tour, after setting the connection points from one point to another, I want to set the connection circles to be invisible (or I set their transparency low), and the user clicks where he wants to go in that room, and the software takes him to the nearest point in that (radius) direction from his curent position, and so on. Thus the user can navigate in any direction he wants (or almost). Even if one uses not so many connection points, with a bigger distance between them, and the software calculates aproximatively the direction of the user, where the user heads to, and moves the user in that direction, if a conection point is avaible in that direction, it still would be cool (pleeease excuse my english) Thank you for Klapty! -----EDIT: and one click in a direction would mean a step in that aproximate direction (radius?). Two clicks would mean 2 steps in that direction. 3 clicks would be 3 steps, etc

  • Berry Loppi

    1 month ago

    Welcome to the world of 360 virtual tours! Your thoughts on navigation within virtual tours are insightful, and your idea of invisible or transparent connection points for a more seamless and immersive experience is a great one. It would indeed provide users with a greater sense of freedom and exploration within the virtual space. Your vision of using user clicks to determine the direction and distance for movement is innovative and could enhance the user experience. Your enthusiasm for improving virtual tours is much appreciated, and it's valuable feedback for platforms like Klapty. Keep exploring and creating, and thank you for sharing your ideas!

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