Aerial Drone panoramas and maps!

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  • Simon Wythe

    10 months ago

    Hi all, My name is Simon and I own Desire RC Ltd here in the UK. I'm a commecial drone pilot and have been creating images for over 10 years now. I've been involved in many exciting projects, the latest has been creating high definition aerial maps and 360 panoramas for 13  towns and villages within the New Forest UK  which is the No1 National Park in Europe and No10 in the world! I needed a portal to show off the tours, so I've been working with Klapty for several months, they have been superb and the support has been exceptional. All of the maps and interegral links to the panoramas have now been completed, however, I am about to produce a single tour that combines all 13 of the aerial 360 panoramas which I hope (once posted) you will enjoy.


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