Best erectile dysfunction treatment to improve men’s health

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  • Jasmin Fernandes

    Edited 2 weeks ago

    Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a prevalent health issue in men. The most crucial time to cause such health issues is after the age of 40 years. Various mental and physical health problems can lead to erectile dysfunction. It happens due to minimal blood regulation in the penile area. Many relationships have the missing spark in their relationship due to such sexual health problems.

    The difficulty of getting a firm erection and keeping the erection for a longer time can occur more often. It should not be an embarrassing topic to talk to your partner and seek medical help. Such an issue can be very depressive and cause you to lose interest in having intercourse.

    Erectile dysfunction can be treated in various ways. There are numerous treatments available in the medical science. Depending on the age, seriousness, type, and underlying medical conditions, the ED treatment is decided. Here are some ED treatment options mentioned.

    • Oral ED medicines
    • Intracavernosal injections
    • Vacuum Constriction Device (VCD)
    • Intraurethral therapy
    • Testosterone replacement therapy
    • Penile implant
    • Psychological counseling



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