Comparison of Soma and Flexeril

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  • Olive Dcoz

    2 weeks ago

    Soma and Flexeril are two FDA-approved medicines used to treat skeletal muscle discomfort and muscle spasms.  Soma is a brand of Carisoprodol, and Flexeril is of Cyclobenzaprine. The comparative study of Soma and Flexeril declares that Soma is much better than Flexeril in terms of various factors such as time of onset of action, price, and dosage. Both medicines come in the form of tablets and are advised for oral administration.

    The action of the Soma pill is 30 minutes, which is less than Flexeril by 30 minutes. It means the onset of action of Flexeril takes place after 1 hour of intake. Moreover, the price of Soma pills is cheaper than Flexeril. The available dosages of the two muscle relaxers also differ. If you are looking for a muscle relaxer with quick results on a budget, then the Soma pill is the best muscle relaxer.


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