6 Reasons to Use Klapty in Real Estate Marketing

Benefits Of Virtual Tour In Real Estate

6 Reasons to Use Klapty in Real Estate Marketing

If you have ever been in the buying and selling process, you must know the traditional way. You go to a real estate agent, see pictures of properties and apartments, and shortlist properties for real-life visits. But, once you reach the place, it doesn't seem similar to what was showcased in pictures.

These discrepancies between the listing and the real visits are not just time-consuming, but also very discouraging for new home buyers. That's when virtual reality comes into play. VR can help real estate agents get more clients, grow their business, and deliver top-notch services. 

Using 360 virtual tours help to create transparency, allowing clients to virtually inspect the property without going anywhere.

Here's how VR technology can help you:

Make Your Business Stand Out:

When you are providing competitive services like real estate, it becomes very easy to get your services lost in the competition. With your competitors offering the same things and promising the same services, it doesn't matter if the other brokers are as good as you, your clients will surely deviate.

However, video marketing in real estate helps your business stand out. Unlike other radio ads or classified, video ads can highlight your listing and make your real estate agency stand out.

Let You Virtually Stage Your Property:

According to the reports, 40% of buyers claim that home staging offers positive effects on buyer's decision and over 80% say that staging a home help visualizing the empty property as their future home. 

Staging is one of the most effective and best ways to market properties; it allows buyers to see an empty space as a livable place. Just keep in mind to tailor your virtual staging to a specific audience.  

Accentuate The Hidden Features Of Your Property:

Good pictures help you quickly sell your properties. In fact, homes that use professional photos to list on their website sell 50% faster than the homes that show standard photos. Considering that, video marketing is the next step to make your listing more attractive and appealing. 

You can create a video tour by using a 360-degree or can also create a 'highlight reel' of the property that you want to sell quickly. Both tactics will help you generate more leads and will give you more buyers.

It Saves Time:

Virtual reality saves time of sellers and buyers, as you don't need to travel from one property to another. A real estate broker will give you virtual tours by sitting in their office. Moreover, the virtual reality in real estate will help clients get access to property 24x7. 

With the help of this technology, buyers can visit their houses at any time. Also, it increases the global reach and helps to showcase the property to those clients who are living at a distance.

Virtual Tour Help Building Emotional Connection:

Since virtual tours help clients visualize their property, getting fully involved in the imagination builds an emotional connection of clients with the house. Unlike traditional tours, buyers can take virtual tours at their continence, thereby focusing on every detail. 

It involves clients more deeply than other conventional 2D images, which completely look different.

It Gives A Stress-Free Shopping Experience:

Choosing the right home is one of the toughest decisions of home buyers. However, with 360 virtual tours, the stressful part of home buying today happens online, where most people feel comfortable. If reports from the National Association of Realtors are to be believed, over 93% of home searches happen online.


Virtual reality has now become a huge thing, as it can easily transform any industry, and the real estate industry is no exception.

Posted 3 years ago

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