Immomatin Touted Klapty as the Future Instagram of 360 Virtual Tours!

Immomatin Touted

Immomatin Touted Klapty as the Future Instagram of 360 Virtual Tours!

ImmoMatin consider Klapty as the future Instagram of 360 virtual tours!

The idea was presented a year ago (2019), at the RENT trade fair in Paris and during the European photography annual meeting. The forth year, in 2020 (January), Klapty was launched to let people create and publish virtual tour.

We believe that the virtual map of the world is skyrocketing and the technology that showcases everything should be in our hand.  The reason YetiVisit SA, the creator of Klapty.com, come with the idea to help scale real estate business in the 360 worlds.

Klapty is the first real estate virtual directory or ad portal that let people create 360 virtual tours with ease. Currently, the platform has over 1400 supporting photographers doing greater success in their business. Also, it has two operating modes that let real estate dealers integrate their virtual tour with us either by submitting the tour without paying any cost or by being a subscriber of the Klapty.

Besides, klapty is not just confined to one country; our photographers are from 85 different countries that set their own rate and notes. Also, virtual showing everything will give a real look at your business, and you will be able to get more leads than just visitors.

How would it benefit the real estate business? Well, businesses will be able to show their future buyers high-quality images of every corner and nook of the house without making them travel to the property. Also, your property would have amazing artefacts, beautiful fixtures and impressive wall treatments that you can describe without saying a single word. It will give clients an instant experience of being in the location.

 With us, business is gaining huge reorganization and work effectively in the market. So show your work and double the interaction, attraction and the time spent considering your work. Bonus, the business share will also double! 

Source : https://www.immomatin.com/articles/visites-virtuelles/klapty-futur-instagram-de-la-visite-virtuelle-360.htm

Posted 3 years ago

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