360 Virtual Tours for Real Estate - Part 2

What are the Real Benefits of a Virtual Tour for the Real Estate Industry?

360 Virtual Tours for Real Estate - Part 2

In this second article covering 360 virtual tours in the real estate sector, we review the benefits of such a solution for companies active in this field.

Improve presentation

At one point in time and in certain regions, when demand for property was at its peak, it was sufficient for real estate professionals to publish an ad with a few average looking photos to reach a client. This period is now mostly over.

The overall quality of real estate websites has improved over time, with better showcasing of properties (professional photography, use of video). Despite these many improvements, such websites often remain frustrating to visitors, as they lack interactivity. A person interested in a given property may wonder what the surroundings look like, or how the kitchen is fitted and their discovery will be limited to the small number of photos on the website or by a video that doesn't cover a given aspect of the property.

With a high-quality 360 virtual tour, the future buyer can explore an entire property, at his own rhythm, from the comfort of his own home. His interest and curiosity are totally fulfilled during this property search session.

Beyond exploring the different parts of a property, a real estate agent my provide the visitor with specific information on each part of the product (local history, information on local services and public transportation). Furthermore, the visitor can click on the various objects situated in the place in order to obtain more information, be it through a notice, a link to a PDF document or with a video or animation. This could for example be the full details of the various appliances in a kitchen. On a larger scale, virtual tours produced using Klapty will allow clients to automatically generate a property's floorplans, which they can review leisurely, before they even contact the real estate agent.

Optimising activity

Beyond an improved presentation of properties, it is the various features included within a virtual tour that will help real estate professionals save precious time.

The first benefit which comes to mind it that of visit optimisation. People having spotted a property on a website after seeing a few photos and videos, are often disappointed as soon as they enter the building. Helping visitors gain a better idea of a property using a virtual tour therefore avoids useless visits. A better situation for all involved, the client, the real estate agent and the environment. This also helps exclude "real estate tourists", people visiting properties to satisfy their curiosity, without any real purchase intent.

Visitors requesting a property visit after "falling in love" with it during a virtual tour are therefore serious clients. This virtual visit will have helped them answer many of their questions. The real estate agent will therefore spend less time answering questions and have more time for the negotiation phase and to promote other properties in his portfolio.

Posted 3 years ago

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