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 3D Virtual Tours | Murcia Espagne | visite virtuelle 360 3D VR
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  • 3D Virtual Tours | photographe visite virtuelle 3D 360

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3D Virtual Tours - 3DVR[.]tech partnered with Matterport, Leica Geosystems and Ricoh.3D Virtual Tours uses state-of-the-art cameras - LeicaBLK360, Matterport, Ricoh Theta Z1 to capture and render accurate, life-like 3D scans of real spaces. Unlike traditional “virtual walk-through” technology, a Matterport 3D scan from 3D Virtual Tours is a fully immersive experience. Navigate the space in first-person to experience feeling as if you were there, viewing it as is.The 3D tour features the ability to zoom out for a full layout view and gives the viewer an accurate feel for the space’s dimensions.Whether you’re the Landlord or Agent selling or renting a property, the best way of advertising any property during Corona virus outbreak is to present a Virtual 3D tour, in full HD and (if possible) full VR as an option.Our cutting-edge technology allows your potential customers to view any property in 3D and/or VR and fully immerse from the comfort of their home or office before arranging a viewing.Our prices are competitive and fair, starting from €199 for a basic project made of up to 25 scanning points. For this price you’ll get a full HD Virtual Tour for PC, Mac, Android and VR headset. Additionally you can order a detailed floor plan of the property or submit the project to Google maps (including street view) or publish to existing listing on booking com, realtor com, homes com and to create 360view for Vrbo or HomeAway.
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