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 Scott Penyak | Orlando United States | 360 3D VR tours
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  • Scott Penyak | 360 3D photographer

  • Orlando | United States

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About me

Thank you for the opportunity to tell you a little about myself. I'm Scott Penyak, and I have been photographing real estate since 2005. The days of just grabbing a camera and shooting a house are long gone. I use some great tools and modern technology to make sure that your home stands out above the rest. Today's photography tools are ever-changing. While they are expensive, they are necessary to get the right images and also the best exposure to the digital world. Be sure to check out some of my advanced technology. These tools not only showcase the home but have digital footprints linking the photos and video to the websites it will appear on. I take much pride in my work and treat each listing as if it were my own home. Accurate MLS Data input is essential, which is why I solely enter the data for each of David Dorman's listings. I also offer my assistance to fellow agents as to the collection of data for their listings. It is imperative they too hit "all of the right buttons" for those consumers searching for a home online. I'm not only a photographer but also work with video creation/editing and Drones. Finally, I am a licensed real estate Broker & REALTOR®. This added knowledge means I have additional experience in knowing what consumers respond well to when viewing homes online. Whether it's a small condo or million-dollar residence, vacant property, or a lavish estate; each home deserves respect, and that begins with the photography. I look forward to working with you!

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