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Château de Gruyères et le Moléson ❤️

Château de Gruyères, Rue du Château, Gruyères, Suisse

❤️ Le district de la Gruyère en Suisse Romande ! Découvrez le chateau de Gruyère ainsi que le Moléson. \nRéalisée sans drone, sans appareil photo ni caméra 360. \nPhotoshop, Lightroom et PTGui utilisés. \nVues 360 degrées provenant de ©Google Earth via Image Landsat \/ Copernicus \/ Image © 2020 Maxar Technologies\/Data SIO, NOAA, U. S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO \/ Image © Flotron \/ Perinjaquet\n❤️The Gruyère district in Romandie (French-speaking Switzerland) ! Discover the castle of Gruyère and the Moléson. \nRealized without drone, without camera or 360 camera. \nPhotoshop, Lightroom and PTGui used. \n360 views coming from ©Google Earth via Image Landsat \/ Copernicus \/ Image © 2020 Maxar Technologies\/Data SIO, NOAA, U. S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO \/ Image © Flotron \/ Perinjaquet

#Moléson #Gruyère #château #découverte #Switzerland #Love

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360 Air Panorama

Bad Reichenhall, Deutschland

Winter shooting 300 feet above, fun shooting with aerial view in winter scenary with mavic2pro fromdji

#Aerial #Panoram #Air #Flight #Earthfrom #above #Landscape #Nature #Snow #Winter


Bad Reichenhall

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Orléans du haut de la cathédrale

Cathédrale d'Orléans, Place Sainte-Croix, Orléans, France

Vue panoramique de rêve à partir de la pointe de la flèche de la cathédrale d'Orléans (209 mètres exactement). \r\n👉 En prime, saurez-vous trouver Charlie ?

#GoogleEarth #Drone #Orléans #Cathédrale

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360° Deep Space

Marlenheim, France

Intégration d'images de synthèse et de photographies dans un environnement à 360°.

#cosmos #earth #planet #space #milky #way



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Urban Treasures

205 Jalan Eunos, Singapore

Candice Goh was professionally trained in Human Resources Management. She holds a double-major honors degree in Human Resources Management and Business Marketing. She is currently certified with RES – licensed Real Estate Agent representing ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd in Singapore. \n\nCandice enjoyed more than a decade of highly rewarding career in Human Resources with leading Law Firms before embarking into her personal passion in Real Estate. The nature of her work enables her to gain great sense of understanding, in order to serve the needs of people at all levels, which has also prepared her perfectly for the Real Estate Business. \n\nWith her strong interpersonal skill, sincerity and down-to-earth personality, she is always ready to serve her clients with her best ability and care to add value in her service. This can be testified by many of her clients from all walks of life, including Expatriates and Corporate Clienteles. \n\nIf you are planning to Buy, Sell, Rent or Invest in properties, please feel free to contact Candice for a non-obligatory discussion.

#Singapore #CandiceGoh #UrbanTreasures

Candice Goh


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