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Restoran Bagdala Kruševac

Restoran Bagdala, Kruševac, Serbia

Just a five minutes from the city center, in one of the most beautiful city parks, there is a restaurant called Bagdala, place where new stories are made and the old ones are told. The time machine for those who stop by. \r\n\r\nPleasant atmosphere along with ambiental music, modern design space and a unique view of the surrounding nature, makes this restaurant ideal for gatherings, business meetings, conferences and all kinds of festive events with professional service, tastfull food and excellent drinks, which alltoghether make one feel comfortable and classy. \r\n\r\nWe achieved to gather traditional and international cuisine with a wide range of quality wines. \r\n\r\nFor all those who want a dream wedding, we are here to make it come try. Along with romantic swing, georgious hall, professional organization, your wedding will be unique and unforgotten. \r\n\r\nThe Bagdala Restaurant is a place which brings together all generations, those who tell their stories from the past and those who create new stories for the future. \r\n\r\nThis is a place which has its charms with every different season, where every picture has its own story, so come and dear to create your own story.

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Interactive panorama tour - Apartment

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Dinner in a romantic setting, in the center of Plovdiv overlooking most of the hills. No, this is not a sophisticated restaurant, it can be your new home in the super center of Plovdiv. Stylishly furnished, combining culture and vision for quality living with everything you need for your happiness here and now. This great investment has five rooms, three of which are residential and two sanitary. \nLiving room with kitchen, dining area, relaxation and listening area for music, equipped with a water station and an air home purifier system. \nThe room is in a hugo style, with diffused light in different corners, Jysk sofa, flowers from boutique collections. High quality kitchen furniture. Apply AEG. Combination of stone and wood with parquet color ash. A design solution combines minimalism, functionality and happiness. The room is connected to a large terrace with a relax zone. Bedroom 1: Combination of the eternal classical brown and blue, bedding quality and original mattress mechanism, wood-carved, carpet: brown, ornate with sliding door color, illumination ichea, access to a large terrace overlooking the tower of radio and TV , picture composition in black and white. \nThat’s what the author of the property had in mind. Stylishly arranged room is a combination of a bedroom and \/ or an individual office, a Jysk desk. Illumination Ikea. Lamp Danish style Le clint. Wardrobe, separate shelf for documents with closed and open spaces, chest of drawers. What else do you need? All of this, along with a bathroom and a toilet, are located in 68 square meters, on the fifth floor, south and east. This offer deserves your attention.

#Plovdiv # #Bulgaria # #Apartment

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Laulurinne, Linnunlahdentie, Joensuu, Suomi

The Ilosaarirock Festival is an annual rock festival held on the second weekend of July in Joensuu, Eastern Finland. Founded in 1971, Ilosaarirock is the second oldest rock festival in Finland still active, and one of the oldest in Europe. In 2007 the event had 21,000 daily visitors. The festival sold out in advance every year from 1998 to 2011. \n\nIlosaarirock is an entity of events that in its entirety, with clubs and side-events, spans from Friday to Sunday. The actual festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday. The festival site, called Laulurinne, stages performances on five separate stages with over 50 artists. Including all events, Ilosaarirock weekend hosts over 100 artists. \n\nIlosaarirock is organized mainly by volunteers and is put together by over 1,500 volunteer workers. The Ilosaarirock festival’s graphic look is chosen through an open design contest every year. The Ilosaarirock festival is organised by Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association, which is a non-profit organisation. The profits of the festival are used to support the North Karelian music scene, bands and artists.

#ilosaarirock # #joensuu # #finland

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Villa les Lauriers

Villa les Lauriers, Résidence les Lauriers, Avenue Nelson Mandela, Le Diamant, Martinique

« Il est des lieux où la mer, la terre et le ciel semblent se donner rendez-vous. Née il y a des lustres dans un site riche d’histoire, la villa « Les Lauriers » donne à vivre une expérience rare, où la personne s’épanouit en symbiose avec les éléments naturels et l’aventure humaine ».\nSi un fond musical était à choisir, je proposerais « Racines » de Kali.

#location # #martinique # #villa # #maison # #jardin # #plage # #diamant # #Villa #les #Lauriers

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Fischer Geigenbaumeister

Pasing, Munich, Deutschland

Meisterwerkstatt - Geigenbau in Munich was founded in 1970 by Wolf-Dieter Fischer and is one of the most renowned addresses for the sale, repair and consultation of stringed instruments. Here you will find a unique selection of instruments and bows, from the beginner in violin playing to the professional musician. One of our specialities are French master bows from the 19th and 20th century. But you will also find a large selection of student violins, orchestra violins and rental instruments.

#Fischer #Geigenbaumeister #pasing #munich #geige



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House for long term rentals Carcassonne

Villemoustaussou, France

A beautiful 2 bedroom unfurnished house for long term rentals located in the village of Villemoustaussou, just 6 mins drive from Carcassonne airport and a 20 minute bike ride to the city centre. Villemoustaussou is an ancient village located on the outskirts of Carcassonne in Southern France. The village is built on a hilltop around the medieval Church. The streets surrounding the church form a circular pattern and this type of village is known locally as a Circulade. The village is very pretty and provides plenty of facilities, including a supermarket, restaurant\/bar, 2 bakers, a medical centre (with English speaking Doctor), pharmacy, Pizzeria, Vet, sports centre, Rugby club, primary school and a fabulous artisan butcher. The house is part-furnished and available for 12 month rentals\nClick on the logo to see the property listing! \nMusic by @CulturalRevolutionExperience

#visite # #virtuelle # #villemoustaussou # #appartement # #golanguedoc

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KEXP FM Seattle - Radio station virtual tour and community gathering space.

Seattle, WA, USA

The KEXP Gathering Space is a great place to visit, see and hear music, get coffee, enjoy art, people, and friends. Get more info at kexp . org!

#music # #radio # #seattle

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KEXP - Where the Music Matters

Seattle, WA, USA

3D Tour of KEXP's Gathering Space, Seattle's cafe and music venue, chilling in the middle of a radio station. KEXP - 90. 3 FM Seattle

#music # #radio # #kexp # #musicscene # #scene # #community # #live # #venue # #gathering # #space

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Студия Невидимых Людей

Шабровский, Свердловская область, Россия

Просторная студия звукозаписи в Екатеринбурге с 2 тон-залами с различной акустикой. Возможность записи крупных ансамблей. Точнейшая контрольная комната. Возможность проживания для музыкантов. Отдалённость от городской суеты.

#music #studio #record #recording #mixing #mastering #yekaterinburg



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