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Secondigny, France

Ancien moulin rénové - Beaucoup de caractère pour cette maison de 3 chambres avec dépendances - RDC : Séjour\/salle à manger\/cuisine de 70m2 avec 2 cheminées, salle d'eau, wc, arrière-cuisine et grange attenante. 1er étage : Palier qui dessert 3 grandes chambres et un wc. Jardin délimité par un petit cours d'eau avec four à pain, grange, hangar, puits. À voir ! Votre contact : Pierre Dessombs - Fluent english speaking local agent


Pierre Dessombs

La Chapelle-Saint-Laurent

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Moulin de Conas

Conas, Pézenas, France

Click on the logo to see the property listing!\nMoulin de Conas is a fabulous 5 bedroom chateau for rent close to the medieval town of Pezenas in the South of France. The holiday home has charm written all over it with original features throughout. It is located overlooking the Herault river which is perfect for a quick swim in the summer heat. It sleeps 10 comfortably in its 5 bedrooms and is located in the pretty town of Conas just a stones throw to Pezenas and the surrounding areas. \nThe property dates back to the 13th Century and was formerly used as the local watermill.

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Pont Lerouge

Millau, France

Panorama near Lerouge bridge at Millau, Southern France. We are just above the old watermill, you can see the famous 'Viaduc de Millau' at about 10 km away. The river is the Tarn, if you never visited this city it is not too late to come for your next vacations. A lot of fantastic sceneries around, including canyons and caves.

#Millau # #Drone # #Pont # #Lerouge # #Tarn

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