About Us

About us

Welcome to Klapty - an ultimate platform used to create and share 360° virtual tours from all around the globe. At Klapty, we are passionate about everything connected to tech and innovation. Therefore, we are aimed at shaping a modern outlook on 360 degrees virtual tours.


Who We Are

You may wonder who stands behind Klapty. Let’s get to know our team a little bit closer. The Klapty team is an amazing family that work hard every day (and night) to offer you the easiest tool and the best service !

Our CEO is Raynald Salah - a talented developer passionate about photography who once decided to try something new and start doing 360° tours photo shoots.

Our COO is Corentin Saez – passionate about technology and Startups, who had studying Business in Switzerland and in America (Texas A&M) for master’s degree.

Klapty is a rapidly growing community that already count more than 50,000 virtual tours lovers from +180 countries.


Cofounder Klapty 360 tours Corentin Raynald


Our Mission

 At Klapty, we strongly believe that virtual tours are the future of the way we rent and sell real estate, select hotels for our vacation and simply spend our free time to discover the world. There is nothing easier and faster than watching a 360° tour of a property instead of arranging many meetings with the agent to first observe the house on-spot.

Klapty team understands all the perks that 360 degree virtual tours bring to all of us. For this very reason, we are devoted to establishing an international platform for creating and sharing 360° tours in a matter of minutes, or, for directly hire a photographer online who specializes in virtual tours.


Our Goals

 360 Tours for everyone. Everywhere

We all know that 360 degree tours might look complicated to shoot and create. Nevertheless, our goal at Klapty is to show that you do not need any special skills to make your first 360° virtual tour. If you know how to post a picture in your social networks, creating a tour on Klapty will be as easy as ABC for you.

At Klapty, we are committed to starting a true 360° revolution by making virtual tours accessible for everyone. No more complicated guidelines, Klapty is absolutely a user-friendly interface to help you create virtual tours in a couple of clicks.


Virtual tours worldwide. Simple, fast and affordable. Always.

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