Virtual Tours | Creating and Publishing Using Klapty

How to Create a 360 Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours | Creating and Publishing Using Klapty

Are you looking for the best virtual tour software to create unlimited 360 tours? Well, your search is over! Klapty is there for you! With Klapty, you don’t need to be an expert in creating amazing virtual tours; its distinct features enable you to create and share as many virtual tours with ease.

We are eager to introduce you to Klapty’s new feature that helps you organize the posts well and share it with your friends. 

Why Klapty?

For professionals working in diverse fields, including construction, architecture, real estate, hospitality, education, etc., the ability to create detailed, high-quality virtual tours has become a standard. And, integrating new technology to the existing system can be a bit messy, and make you wonder where to begin.

Here are some of the reasons why businesses have started using Klapty to allow their customers an impressive virtual tour to the event avenues, real estate, corporate offices, etc.-

Enjoy High-Quality Virtual Tour with Easy-To-Use Software

create 360 virtual tours

Klapty enables you to create 360 virtual tours by just signing or logging to the platform. You can create seamless customized tours while adding images, audios, videos, labels, text, and more! Besides creating a high-quality tour, you get several editing tools to improve the quality of the images or videos. 

The best part- it’s easy and lets you create an unlimited number of virtual tours. Plus, you can share the posts on mobile devices as well!

Klapty Is A Secure Platform

Not we provide you with a reliable platform to upload 360 content, but we also guarantee security and its long life. From images to passwords, everything remains protected, and authentication is in your control. 

Klapty Offers Good Adaptability

As there is a great variance in our user base, and the industries we serve, we think about the functionality of our platform across the devices. Klapty is responsive on mobile devices, desktops, iPhone, iPad, or VR headsets. From sending links via emails to allowing integration with social networking sites, Klapty makes it easy for you to reach your audience.

What Is The Best Way To Create Virtual Tours With Klapty?

creating a virtual tour using Klapty

Here are some of the best practices and constraints to be considered while creating a virtual tour using Klapty-

Showcasing Properly Is Quite Crucial

Whether you want to promote a restaurant, corporate meeting hall, or any type of property, there’s no point producing a high-quality tour is it isn’t showcased properly. So, it is crucial to make the place look attractive beforehand. 

Beware of the elements that may drive your shooting off-track. Another great approach is to start the virtual tour outside the building, thus allowing the visitor to obtain a 360-degree view. 

Besides, calling upon a professional photographer, many of which can be found on Klapty, is the best way to pave the way for your project’s success.

Distribute The Posts Among Relevant People

Here, the first factor to consider is loading speed. If the visitors have to spend time waiting for a virtual tour post to load, they will run away from your website soon. However, Klapty was designed with this in mind and offers high-speed virtual tour distribution.

Further, to view your content, people must be able to find it first. It’s even critical in the sectors, such as tourism, where worldwide visitors search for the content. Well, the best way to help them find your virtual tour is to locate it on a website with good SEO. 

Klapty aims to become Instagram of 360 virtual tours! It focuses on SEO as a business priority. So, any virtual tour you publish on Klapty will be easy to find for anyone.

360-degree virtual tours with Klapty offer true value to the professionals working in all business sectors. With this platform, it’s easy to produce, publish high-quality images, and share them in your network. 

Start your 360 virtual tour journey with Klapty today and give your business a way to bloom!!

Posted 4 years ago

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