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 Philipp Goldmann | Bansko Bulgaria | 360 3D VR tours
Avatar logo | Philipp Goldmann | Bansko Bulgaria | photographer 360 tour
  • Philipp Goldmann | 360 3D photographer

  • Bansko | Bulgaria

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  • I speak: English, German

About me

I'm capturing 360° images and videos to showcase your business at its very best. Plus, I'm an experts in Google My Business (Google Maps) and can work with you to optimise your listing. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get your virtual tour. Your digital presence counts. Around 80% of people search the internet for pictures, reviews or recommendations before they enter a local business like hotels, restaurants or stores. For this, they’re using Google Maps, Google Search, other internet platforms or even asking friends and family. During these crucial touchpoints, we help you to create an immersive experience that sticks.

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