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 Gonzales A Wesley | Spring Lake United States | 360 3D VR tours
Avatar logo | Gonzales A Wesley | Spring Lake United States | photographer 360 tour
  • Gonzales A Wesley | 360 3D photographer

  • Spring Lake | United States

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  • I speak: English, Spanish

About me

WGI 3D Media & Marketing offers a variety of services using cutting-edge tech & a lot of imagination! Media is the best marketing tool you have at your disposal. •People are visual, and we specialize in showcasing businesses visually; making them more accessible to the public, their customer base or their memberships. •Use your rich media with our e-commerce solutions or as sales funnels to gather information on prospective clients and generate new revenue streams. •It is our goal to provide those “great media assets” to all our clients utilizing 360 virtual tours (Matterport), 360 videos, VR, HD videography, cinematographic (4:22 res) videography, drone video & photography. •Our services also include pre-production planning, scripting, storyboarding, directing, production, post-production editing, jingle writing & development, web site planning & development, SEO, Social Media network planning & execution, and more! "Great media makes for Great marketing!

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