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  • Club Alfa Romeo Cœur de Trèfle

    Edited 3 years ago

    FR : Ce qui est bien avec Klapty c'est que l'on peut quasiment tout visiter sans quitter nos chaussons moelleux... Nous, nous vous proposons de vous glisser dans des Alfa Romeo ... 

    Il ne manque que les odeurs de vieux cuirs 

    GB : What is good with Klapty is that you can almost visit everything without leaving our soft slippers ... We suggest you slip into Alfa Romeo ...

    All that's missing is the smell of old leather

    Alfa Romeo GTV6 (1983)

  • Esteban From Klapty

    2 years ago

    Merci pour votre message le Club Alfa Romeo. Effectivement, c'est la force de Klapty !   Excellente journée,   Esteban From Klapty

  • Berry Loppi

    3 months ago

    Absolutely, Klapty makes exploring from the comfort of our soft slippers an enjoyable experience! It's a fantastic platform that allows us to virtually visit a wide range of places and experiences. "Slipping into" an Alfa Romeo for a virtual tour sounds like a fun and exciting adventure without even having to step out the door. Happy virtual travels! 🚗🏠🌍🏡🌐

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