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360 tours | Create for free and explore the world in 360

#1 Tool For Virtual Tours

Create, edit and share your 360° virtual tours.
Klapty is an online platform and tool for creating and sharing virtual tours. It is the first and foremost social network for 360° tours trusted by more than 10'000 of creative users.
Real estate agents, photographers, dronists, hotel owners, companies and simply creative people love using Klapty, because it is free, easy and does not require any special skills.
Accessible both from your computer and smartphone, virtual tours created on Klapty will help you capture your audience, engage with your potential clients and gain visibility.

Explore Virtual Tours

Discover the world in 360 degree and search specific category of virtual tours.

Buy or rent your next property, boat, car, plane and seasonal rental.
Explore museums, aerial views, art, 3D creations, construction sites and events.
Find all businesses near you : Shop, schools, showrooms, offices and leisures places.

How To Create 360° Tours On Klapty ?

Easy And Fast

Make an account: To start working on Klapty, you first need to create your profile, it’s fast and free. Simply click on “Signup” button and you are good to go. 

Capture your 360 views : Klapty is compatible with all 360 cameras and every 360 pics (jpg). If you do not have 360 equipment, no worries: buy one in our shop or hire a photographer through Klapty. 

Upload your pictures: Start creating your first tour: Fill the information of the tour and upload all your 360 panoramic views. It’s unlimited, easy and free.

Improve your virtual tour: Make use of all our free features that Klapty offers : Add hotspots to go from one view to one other, add “i” information hotspots, add 2D pictures and much more. Your tour will be more interactive and a real-life experience for viewers and clients.

Share your tour for free: As soon as you publish your tour, it is ready to be shared worldwide or even embedded on all websites.

How To Share Or Embed 360° Virtual Tours

Now that you have published your first virtual tour on Klapty, you might ask: What do I do next? There are multiple ways of what you can do with your 360 degree tours and get all benefits that they offer you. 

Share everywhere
Click on “share” button and copy your URL tour link and share it everywhere, on websites and social places (Classifieds websites, Facebook, WhatsApp, Linkedin, email, SMS, etc.) 

Embed in your website
Click on “Share” button and copy your embed code. All tours created on Klapty are embeddable, which means that they can be embedded on any page of your website. 

Post in social media
Virtual tours created on our platform can be shared through other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Telegram, Quora,Tumblr,Reddit, etc. 

Obtain QR-Code
Klapty generate a QR Code that can be scanned in order to open directly the 360 tour on any devices. You can save it on your phone, computer or print on paper.

Boost Your Business

Virtual tours will not only spur your originality, but also give a powerful boost to your business. 360° tours are a beloved tool for photographers, real estate agents and anyone, as they are able to show every corner of a place, which speeds up the whole process. Virtual tour will save you time and money. Hotel, BnB, Restaurant and all businesses owners are also fans of Klapty 360 degree tours, instead of a raw text with basic pictures, their potential visitors get the whole experience of walking through their premises.
Your Klapty profile and your 360 visits are indexed on various search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.), which is an additional marketing force at your side thanks to natural referencing (SEO) : Be omnipresent on the internet.

Why Virtual Tours?

360 degree tours are a number 1 choice for millions of realtors, photographers, hotel owners, marketers, travelers and anyone. Give your clients and visitors a real experience instead of flat 2D pictures. Virtual tours save your time and your client’s time and also save money for all. Last but not least, 360 tours will avoid inefficient travels and pollution, everything count for our planet.

Virtual tours boost sales
Make your places or company stand out with a comprehensive virtual tour created on Klapty. Believe us - clients love 360 degree tours much more than basic pictures or monotonous videos. 

Virtual tours promote business
Although 360° tours are becoming more and more popular, many companies still avoid using them, thinking they are too expensive or difficult to create. Klapty revolutionized the way to create and publish virtual tours. Create your tour in a matter of minutes and attract new clients - easy, fast and free of charge. 

Virtual tours foster creativity
Klapty offers almost endless tour editing opportunities that do not require any special skills. Spur your creativity, make stunning transitions, and surprise your viewers with jaw-dropping 360 degree tours. 

Klapty Virtual tours connect people 
Klapty is not only a user-friendly tool for creating 360° tours online. It is the whole social website that just like other popular platforms connects same-minded people through the content they share and see. 

What Are Virtual Tours ?

Virtual tours, also called 360 degree tours, are a set 360 panoramic pictures linked to each other in such a way that a viewer gets the whole “walkthrough” experience. Many people think of virtual tours as something time-consuming and expensive to create. Klapty proves it wrong. Our goal is to make 360° tours accessible to everyone, and we walk the talk. All Klapty tours can be viewed on every devices in a simple click : MAC, PC, Smartphone (iOs and Android), Tablet.

Who Needs 360° Tours?



Today, for rent or sale a property, virtual tour is essential. It will save you time, security and money. Of course, it also attract more potential buyers.


Create 360 tours easily, faster and for free. Get hire, gain visibility and show to the world your talent.

Construction companies

Add detailed virtual tours of progress or complete projects to your portfolio in order to attract new clients and investors. Show your amazing work and make the difference with competitors.


You believe you can fly ? We believe you can show your amazing 360 pictures on Klapty and why not sell your services online. 

Architects and 3D designers

You love to make 360° rendering, floor plan or home staging ? Klapty is the place to be, show your work and get hire online.

Entrepreneurs, Schools and Companies

Nowadays and more than ever, every business needs to be online, do not wait more and create 360 virtual tours for Shops, Schools, Bars, Restaurants, etc.

Tourism, Heritage and cities

You want to show that your country, region, city and monument are the most beautiful and need to be seen by the entire world ? Let's Go !

Artists, Influencers and anyone

Virtual tours are not only for professionals. Art and memories needs to be shared and help you ‘live through’ that moment once again.

Klapty Pro : To Go Further

Klapty is free, however we have created additional features under the "Pro" plan following your several asking.
This Pro mode will allow you to: switch virtual tours in private mode, protect the views of the 360 visit with a password, customize the tour with your own logos, add the link of your website to the virtual visit, add background sound mp3 audio or even add a floor plan, and a lot more is coming.

360° Tour History

In 1787, the artist Robert Barker produced a 360° panorama painted on a cylindrical surface and viewed from the inside. The word panorama appeared on June 11, 1791.
On 29 December 1900 Louis Lumière filed the patent for his Photorama, the first panoramic photography process allowing in the projection in a circular space of a single frame to recreate a complete 360° vista.
Louis Lumière successfully applied the same shitter principles to this device as to the Cinematograph. From February 1902 to Spring 1903 over 600 panoramic photographs were taken and projected before the public in Paris venue measuring 20 metres in diameter. These 360° images held the promise of reinventing the turn-of-the-18th century trend for principal panoramas. At the end of the 19th century, 360 photography was born, by assembling multiple photos to create a single 360° panorama. One of the first online virtual tour viewers was Apple's Quick Time software. 
In January 2020, Klapty finally makes virtual tours accessible to everyone and available in the whole world.

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